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Welcome to the home of Shaggy Sheep - 2,500 unique algorithmically generated NFT collectibles living on the Ethereum blockchain. Each Sheep acts as your membership card to an exclusive group called the Black Sheep Social Club and is your mint pass to all of our future drops including automatic whitelist access for our next drop the Time Travel Tots.

Looking for news on our upcoming PFP drop? - Checkout the drop details in our medium article

Buy a Sheep

Each Sheep costs 0.02eth to mint.

You can also buy a Sheep from a member on the Opensea secondary sale market.

*Note: 100 Sheep will be kept for the developers fund to keep, be used in giveaways, given away for charity and more.


Let's get technical

Each Sheep is algorithmically generated from over 150 possible traits such as shoes (Red Octobers anyone?), eyewear, expression, facial hair, hats, wool colour and more. Every Sheep is awesome as s*** but some can be rarer depending on their traits as well as their number of attributes. Having 0 or 8 attributes (excluding background and wool colour) are the rarest with having 4 being the most common.

Sheep are minted as ERC-721 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain. View the contract on Etherscan here.

If you'd like to know more about the rarity of attributes, please head to the attributes section.

Why should I care?

Alright you mother flocker, we get it you're a savvy investor and an art afficianado. Here's why you should own a Shaggy Sheep. When you own a Shaggy Sheep you're not just buying an awesome piece of unique art, it's your membership card to the exclusive Black Sheep Social Club. As the community grows and we drop additional projects you'll get more and more out of your membership. We'll always treat you right once you're one of us, hell we care more about family than Vin Diesel.

10,000 unique NFTs
Low-priced release for equal opportunity
Ownership and commercial usage rights are given to the owner of the NFT
Exclusive membership to the Black Sheep Social Club
More benefits through roadmap activation

Roadmap activations

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About The Team

We're 90's kids: pre-internet and pre-social media. We survived on Tony Hawk Pro Skater, Pokemon and Counter-strike. When we were growing up Slim Shady and Yeezy were still good and Spongebob was representing Nickelodeon. Baggy clothes and Vans were the uniform of choice. Hurley from Lost was the people's champ - 4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42. We had Blink 182 flowing through our veins and alt-rock had us pumped for this semi-charmed life. We've progressed with the times but still hold on to what made us. Shaggy Sheep and the Black Sheep Social Club is us channeling our essence and having the universe form around it Alchemist style.

McSpicy (@McspicyNFT)

Creator, designer and developer for Shaggy Sheep...(with some help from a few friends).

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